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Singular Construction

Torre EspañaThe special features of these particular buildings are of a very diverse nature. Among others, these include:

Variable geometries with continuous outline.
Variable geometries with discontinuous outline for reduction in thickness, loss or increase of walls, holes, etc.
Load lifting coincident with the sliding system.
Sliding of large-sized construction works.
Sliding of small-sized construction works.

Through the application of the slipform method, Edytesa gives the possibility of implementing building cores in a fast and uninterrupted manner, bringing many advantages to these projects:

  • Simultaneous lifting of tower crane.
  • Immediate placement of an auxiliary lift.
  • Implementation of holes.
  • Placement of anchor plates.
  • Lifting and lowering of heavy loads, such as, falseworks or steel structures.

Carrying out these particular construction projects requires techniques and special construction systems that Edytesa can put into practice with the necessary guarantees and reliability. This work is backed up by the company´s extensive experience in these kinds of special projects.


  • Communication towers.
  • Port and airport control towers.
  • Building cores.
  • Factory and power station structures.
  • Hangars.
  • Elevation of floor slabs.
  • Simultaneous elevation of auxiliary equipment (tower crane, etc.).

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