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Acceso Plataformas colgantesEDYTESA invests part of its resources in activities which are not directly productive, but are of great importance for the future of the company, leading to increased competitiveness. These activities are included in the term R+D+i (Research, Development and Innovation), and are coordinated by the Technical Department.

Among the R+D+i activities developed since 2009 of special note are the following:

  • Imagen cedida por Bygging-UddemannImprovements in the slipform, using our experience to search for the best approaches to providing added value to our business solutions and eliminate problems which can appear during the construction phase. Among these improvements are, for example, the enlargement of the width of hanging platforms, the use of yoke leg extension to get rid of the use of chains, and improvements to assembly times, etc.
  • Environmental improvements, reducing the use of non-reusable wood to the minimum in our processes. Use of mixed metal-wood panels for round formworks and removable metal railings (Provisional systems for edge protection Norm UNE-EN 13374), thus reducing the wood required and consequently CO2 emissions.
  • Study of auxiliary lifting equipment, to avoid the extra costs associated with the installation of tower-cranes for the execution of certain projects and their influence on the sliding programming (stoping for lifting of crane masts and their clamps).
  • Project solutions, with the design and development of possible solutions for renewable energy towers.

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