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EDYTESA has been carrying out these kind of construction projects since 1961. In 2003 Edytesa merged the companies Bygging Encofrados Deslizantes, S.A. and Karman Técnicas Especiales, S.A., with the aim of delivering the best possible service accross all the areas of activity that these companies had been involved in and recognized as leaders for over 45 years. This has helped to stregthen their ability to execute whole projects using slipform technology (viaduct piers, towers, silos, digestors and all those other singular constructions for which the height is a prevailing factor). Edytesa has accumulated the extensive experience of its current BYGGING® and KARMAN® brands.

BYGGING® encompasses the know-how and experience gained by the companies Bygging Encofrados Deslizantes, S.A., Bygging Española, S.A., Encofrados Deslizantes, S.A. and YDE, S.A. in the application of slipform technology as well as in the lifting, lowering and transfer of heavy loads using hydraulic jacks.

Fot this reason an exclusive collaboration agreement has been established with the company BYGGING-UDDEMANN AB, which has been dedicated to slipforms and hydraulic lifting systems since 1942.

KARMAN® started its activity in 1978 as a Karman Técnicas Especiales, S.A. Since then it has specialized in the design and construction of industrial chimneys and communication towers, including all kinds of industrial works: maintenance, inspection, diagnosis and engineering.

EDYTESA is present in the main productive sectors. Among its clients are the most important engineering firms and the companies of the following sectors:

  • Cement industry
  • Renewable Energy Sources
  • Electricity Generation
  • Food
  • Building
  • Civil Works
  • Chemical
  • Petrochemical
  • Paper
  • Glass
  • Ceramics

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