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Storage Tanks

The widespread use of slipform technology in the implementation of large tanks is not only explained by the speed of construction, simplicity and various other advantages, but also since it removes the need for joints in the concrete, which is a characteristic of this method. The monolithic structure obtained through this method of construction, besides improving the structural quality,also confers a functional improvement when dealing with the storage of liquids and gases.

Edytesa's contribution in the implementation of elevated tanks goes from the shaft sliding to the hoisting of the dome, which is executed on the ground and lifted into place using a system of special jacks, releasing it in the final position. As a result of that, there is no need to use falseworks.

Owing to the fact that the size of these kinds of works is very large, Edytesa uses a double bracing system for storage tanks and digesters, composed of:

  • Perimeter bracing, made up of a double triangulated tubular structure connected to the formwork.
  • Radial bracing, made up of a central ring and a series of turnbuckles connected to the formwork.

The construction of storage tanks and digesters using the slipform technique means that it is easy to make holes recesses, handrails, fit plates and install post stressed piers.

The BYGGING® hydraulic systems also allow the positioning of tanks which are hoisted as they are being executed.


  • Elevated storage tanks. Lifting of dome.
  • Digesters.
  • Liquefied gas tanks.
  • Hoisting of steel water tanks during its execution.

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