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Special Works

Elevación de forjado en NavalcarneroOf special note among the special work carried out by Edytesa is the lifting, lowering and transfer of heavy loads (Heavy Lifting) executed using BYGGING hydraulic systems, floor slab lifting, falseworks, storage tanks, panels, etc.

In addition, the company carries out lifting and lowering of building floor slabs and bridge decks, as well as many other types of industrial and civil engineering repair work.

Special works for high rise construction projects is also carried out by our staff.


  • Lifting of roofs and domes.
  • Lifting and lowering of floor slabs for falseworks.
  • Lifting of heavy equipment in solar power towers.
  • Liner assembly and dock cranes.
  • Floor slab lifting (metal, concrete or mixed).
  • Bridge deck replacement.
  • Placement of extractor fans in power stations.
  • Heavy load transfer.
  • Industrial repairs and civil works repairs.
  • Special operations.

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