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Silos and Industrial Construction

Since 1968,  Edytesa has been a leader in the slipform method applied to the construction of silos through its BYGGING® brand. During this time, more than 350 silos have been built using the slipform system to store all kinds of materials –cement, clinker, sugar, flour, cereals, slag, etc.— in a variety of sizes and typologies –cylindrical, multi-chamber, cell batteries (multicellular), etc.– sometimes reaching diameters of more than 50 m and heights in excess of 100 m.

The slipform technique in the construction of silos allows the simultaneous lifting of steel roof structures, construction of post-tensioned silos, reduction of the wall thickness at a certain level, simultaneously creating shaft holes, etc., all of which can be done in a simple manner, improving productivity on the construction site while saving time and money.

Edytesa has a lengthy experience of the simultaneous lifting of roof structures, and has developed its own technical procedures.

In the area of industrial construction, Edytesa builds preheating towers in cement plants of great technical complexity, as well as both spandrel and inner slipforming.

The prilling towers are found within its wide range of industrial construction.


  • Sugar and cereal silos.
  • Cement silos.
  • Clinker silos.
  • Preheating towers.
  • Prilling towers.
  • Simultaneous lifting of silo roofs.

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